Friday, November 30, 2007

bigBOI Clients

I wanted bigger clients. “Big Boi” clients I call them. Clients that help bring home the bacon. But bacon is all I get. Fatty and over processed. I think the higher you go on the client food chain; the more likely you will be eaten alive!

Big Boi clients value your skill. What you can do for them and how fast and inexpensively you can. Smaller clients value you because you are helping them fulfill a vision. A vision that we often share.

Someone once asked my why I didn’t start working for some big advertising agency right out of Cooper. And I said, “I didn’t want to get lost in the directory of names. I wanted my design to be recognized, honored and be my own.” I retract my statement. Now it goes, “I didn’t want to be a puppet. A bacon eating design puppet whose only drive is a fatty over processed paycheck.”

Thursday, November 29, 2007


I’m engaged. A definition of engaged is “having agreed to get married.” Yes, I have agreed. I have agreed with him that our relationship is dreamy for…oh about 8 years. I agreed with my friends from high school who said, “Damn, he’s cute.” I have agreed with his daughter who thinks he is the quintessential dad. I agreed with my heart that he was the one.

A definition of engaged is “busy doing something.” Yes, I am busy. I am busy calling venues hoping they send me a proposal that is less than a million dollars. I am busy doing research about a marriage license for a wedding in Jamaica. I am busy thinking who will be mad if I choose to get married in Jamaica. I am busy procrastinating on a guest list. I am busy wondering…who is this wedding for? I am busy now writing and thinking about how fortunate I am to be engaged. Busy in love and so happy I agreed.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Something came over me recently. An urge to redo, rebuild and redesign. Maybe it’s my hair. Its long now and makes me feel like a new person. Maybe it’s my ring. It’s an engagement ring I got from my sweet love. Or maybe it’s my business, Studio 162. It’s finally taking off...

The urge is also to give. In my heart I am a giver but somehow now there is more of me that seems worth giving. I want to redo my perspective. Change the lens of my glasses and my eyes. I am slowly changing me perspective of building, designing, doing and giving...all at once. A flush. This blog is somehow another way to give, build, design and do.