Tuesday, December 18, 2007


I crave creation. An idea that is implemented and finalized. To create something is evidence of your skill. Proof that you are capable of fulfilling a vision.

Ideas swirl in my mind for my next creation, but I am lacking the motivation to fulfill the vision. Maybe I lack the skill too. Ideas of grander clouded by inability and laziness. I would love to create an oil painting, a unique collage, a stunning photograph, or another award winning business plan.

To create means to own the equipment which helps deliver your creation. I need equipment. I need a canvas, a pair of sharp scissors, a Nikon D40, a kick ass marketing plan and projects for the next 4 years.

To create is to have the time to develop an idea from mind to hand. I wish I didn't have to sleep. Sometimes my mind and hand need a rest, and all I can handle is a remote control.

To NOT create means to have excuses for delaying a creation. I have many excuses. How do I make up for them? Inspiration. Reading inspires new words. Museum visits invite creative thinking. Research evokes new methodology.

Now, how toINSPIRE?

Monday, December 3, 2007


Christmas is a wonderful time. A time when shopping for $15.00 ornaments is justified. A time when tangled stringed lights look beautiful. A time when pine scented candles are perfect. A time when please, thank yous and excuse mes are most fitting and will ensure you get something under your tree.

But ChristMÁS is also about extremes. A lot of food. Too much traffic. Extended family. And MÁS dinero! Christmas has even breeched the Halloween line…and now Black Friday is as celebrated as the actual day of Christ’s birth!

And more means more stress. More food to buy to feed more family who have brought more gifts. You’ll have to send out more Christmas cards to wish more people the happiest of holidays! And more gifts doesn’t mean more thank you notes, cause you are expected to give more. I love Christmas for all the good. But more and more, the bad threatens to shift the weight of the scale. Sometimes I think Christmas should just be renamed to, Christmore.